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Making a high quality lifecasting involves more than simply taking a mold from a body. How carefully the model is posed, how painstakingly the bodymold is cast, how creatively the piece is re-touched or augmented, how the sculpture is cast, and how it is finished and presented.

This highly skilled process of Life Casting involves the molding the hands and/or feet by dipping them into an alginate which is a 100% natural and safe material for newborns. The actual impression takes about 10-15 mins. The 3-dimensional mold is then set in a casting stone and coated in either 24 karat gold, silver, bronze, or white spray finishes.

The baby should preferably be asleep when the impression is taken, as there should be "no movement, in order to get a perfect cast." The product is delivered anytime between 15-30 days from the first day of casting.